Tuesday, February 21, 2023

 Books on boat canvas

There are quite a few books on boat canvas and a lot of canvas work has a place on boats, from covers to cushions, to sea anchors, dodgers and much else. Many of these books are older but still available, as much recent work has been presented as video.

If you look up 'canvas work' on line you will find lots of decorative projects--not particularly heavy work. For the moment I will present some of the books I have found most useful:

Another publication by Jim Grant of Sailrite. Lots of detailed images and clear suggestions.

Frank Rosenow was apprenticed to a Swedish sailmaker before he became a world cruiser. He shows a few projects that are different in construction from Grant and others, He has a nice way of sketching ideas.

Jeremy Howard-Williams was a prolific writer on sails and rigs but not so much on sail design. This book on canvas work is both clear and reasonable concise. includes useful how-to information.

Karen Lipe's two volumes provide slightly different approaches to explaining projects and construction. That may be helpful.

When searching for books I usually start at 'www.bookfinder.com,' which searches across many other sites.

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